1. ervice Area– The geographic area from which organization draws the majority of its customers/patients. For some service categories the service area may be quite large (organ translate) whereas for other service categories it might be quite small (emergency room).  
  2.   External Analysis– A strategic thinking activity directed toward identifying, aggregating, and interoperating the issues that are outside the organization to determine the implications of those issues on the organization as well as to provide information for internal analysis and the development of the directional strategies. 
  3. Monitoring (External Change)– The tracking of various issues identified in the scanning process to add data concerning the item under consideration to confirm or disconfirm the issue or its impact.  
  4. Service Category– A distinct health care offering that may be defined very broadly (hospital care) or very narrowly (pediatric hematology) depending on the level of analysis. 
  5. Focus Groups– A facilitated process typically using 10-15 people to surface, develop, evaluate, and reach conclusion about an issue. 

APA format 


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