I have attached under all the simple steps to do the portfolio, you can find the steps on (Portfolio Prompt Steps.)attached under.

please please read the steps carefully, it is for my class, this portfolio is nearly the total grade for this class.

i want you to read the steps and do:

-section 1. ( you will find the readings attached under to answer the questions.)

-section 2. ( your choice to answer.)

-section 3. (Find the book: Mountains beyond mountains, to answer this section.)

-section 4. (Go to implicit.harvard.edu/implicit to answer this section.)

-section 5. ( Go to voluntourism.org to answer this section.)

please read the prompt carefully before doing all sections. each section is described how to do them in the prompt.

i provided attachements to help you with the portfolio.

if you have any questions, please let me know.

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