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Case Briefing

FACTS: Bonnie discovered that her watch was missing. On investigation she learnt that it is         Ann who had to taken the watch. She decided to confront her about the issue. During          the confrontation Ann drew a loaded gun and pointed it at her. Bonnie retreated due    to fear of being shot and Ann escaped.

ISSUE: Is Ann guilty of another crime or robbery?

RULES THAT APPLY: According to (Brody et al., 2001) theft or stealing is a criminal act          where the offender takes the victims property without their knowledge. The act             deprives the victim of their property. The victim has a right to claim compensation for             loss of the property.

(Brody et al., 2001) say that battery is an act where the offender shows intent of   harming the victim physically but the act does not always amount to violence. The        victim has the right to claim damages for distress and embarrassed suffered due to the criminal act of battery towards him or her by the victim.

Robbery is an act of violence where the offender inflicts fear in the victim while taking their property against their consent as put in (Brody et al., 2001). The victim suffers distress and is deprived of their property at the same time. He or she has a right to clam compensation and damages.

APPLICATION:  Ann took Bonnie’s watch without her knowledge which amounts to theft        under criminal law.

Ann also committed a physical act against Bonnie with intent to physically harm her          when she was confronted about stealing the watch which amounts to battery under          criminal law.

CONCLUSION: Ann is guilty of theft and battery against Bonnie



Brody, D.C., Acker, J. R. & Logan, W. A. (2001), Criminal Law. Aspen Publisher Inc USA


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