Police Officer Off-duty conduct as it relates to using social media

Annotated Bibliography, 8 sources, no websites or encyclopedias.

Instructions directly from course syllabus:

• Identify and describe an ethical framework identified in the textbook (i.e. ethical egoism, ethical formalism, Kantianism, utilitarianism, ethics of care, or virtue ethics).
• Explain how the selected ethical framework relates to a social issue faced by criminal justice organizations.

• Consist of a minimum of (8) scholarly sources (i.e. academic journals, professional
publications, etc.). Websites will not be accepted. Submissions that do not consist of a
minimum of (8) sources will not be graded and will be assigned an automatic grade of “F”.

• The bibliographic information of the source must be written in APA 6th edition format.

• Annotations for each source must be written in paragraph form and consist of a 100 – 150 word summary. The summary must address the main points/ideas found in the source. The summary must also include a statement that evaluates the quality of the item and relates the item to your research topic.

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