POL 101 CT5 Literary Representation of My Country Case Study 2pages/550 words 3 sources due in the next 5 hours plagiarism free

Assignment Option 1: Discuss a Popular or Literary Representation of Your Country Case Study Refer to the film or website you identified in Module 3 about the country (Brazil) you have chosen for your Portfolio Project. Summarize the website (cited below) or the film and describe the important information presented. Does this film or website depict the country accurately? How does the information you find in the film or website compare to the information you have read in your textbook and discovered through your portfolio research? Requirements: Write a formal two to three page essay complete with citations from at least two outside academic sources from the CSU-Global Library to support your findings. Cite these on a separate page at the end of the essay, and include a title page at the beginning. Always follow CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements style and review the library material concerning APA style before turning in this assignment. Here is the referenced website and one source: Startupoverseas.com (2017). Why Expand to Brazil? Retrieved on May 21, 2017, from HTTP://www.startupoverseas.co.uk/expanding-a-business-in-brazil#sthash.QGfcK7a6.dpuf

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