please read all the infomation below carefully

Instructions: For this assignment, you will wrtie aboth the two primary sources that relate in some way to the same historical event, trend, or topic. (you will find it in the attachment files). Then, you will do the following:

  1. Choose a topic: Choose an historical event, trend, or topic. Explain why you have chosen this event, topic, or trend and how the two primary sources you have chosen relate to it.
  1. Compare and Contrast: Find two points of commonality between the two sources in regards to the topic you have chosen. Then, identify to points at which the two sources disagree.
  1. Consensus/Disagreement: Tell your reader what the similarities and/or differences in the two sources reveal about the topic you have chosen.
  1. Historical Question: Pose a historical question that you would be able to answer using these two sources. As with the Primary Source Analysis assignment, the question you pose should help you to reconstruct something about the way that people lived in the past. Please avoid reading comprehension questions, moral-ethical questions, and counterfactuals.

Your final response should be 700-1000 words in length. You must use Chicago Style footnotes to document all of the sources that you draw information from. The essay should be submitted via Canvas. For the sake of your graders’ eye sight, please use twelve-point font and double-space your work.

Also, make sure you have read the grades criteria and folllows the spiliting of the grades.

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