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Guided Response: In addition to responding to your instructor’s comments and questions, respond to at least two of your peers. One of the peers must have completed a different option than you. Share how and why you agree or disagree with their explanations and activities. Share how you would enhance their activities.

Option 1 Nathan AllenPhonics Awareness: It is when the words sound just like the letters in the alphabet and they are able to correlate to the exact letters throughout the word.Activity:  Use paper with letters written on them and have them build words of your choosing by just combining the papers next to each other. This will help them letting them realize that the words sound like the way they are spelled. Phonemic Awareness: It is when the students are able to use the sound of the word and break it up into equal parts. Activity: Use words that are close to each other and have them break it into pieces directly by using the words. This will help them realize how similar the words are but they have completely different spelling and sounds.  They are similar by being ways to pronounce words and speak. But they are different by one is used exactly how the letters sound rather than one being used by how the word sounds and you break it apart from there.

Option 2 Joanna Rojas: Pretend that you are creating phonemic awareness centers around a single theme, which could be a text, a specific word family, etc. Design activities for each of these centers: Sound Matching, Sound Isolation, Sound Blending, Sound Substitution, and Sound Segmentation. Explain what you found easy and what you found challenging about doing this.

I would create phonemic awareness centers that will each consist of activities designed for sound matching, sound isolation, sound blending, sound substitution, and sound segmentation. The theme will be a day at the movies and each center will consist of activities that are centered on the popular kid’s movie Trolls.

Sound Matching– Trolls groovy matching letter game I will have a center where there are different pictures of things from the Trolls movie such as flowers, trees, trolls, headphones, leaves, and other things that all students can identify even if they did not watch the movie. There will also be cut out letters that the students will match up to the picture. If the picture is of a tree the students will connect it to a “T” The students will be encouraged to work in small groups.

Sound Isolation– Moving far away from the Bergens- In order to escape those mean Bergen’s we must isolate final phonemes in words. Students will have to identify from different objects which of them end with a certain letter for example. If the letter is “L” the students will choose the picture of the turtle. Students will work in groups and there will be a small board on table with paper squares and a paper troll each time the students identify the words correctly their troll moves up getting further and further away from the Bergen’s.  

Sound Blending- A troll singing party- We all know the trolls love to party so we will implement sound blending using songs. We will use the Trolls version song “ Can’t stop the feeling” We will start the song with “I got this feeling inside my bones It goes electric, wavy when I turn it onAll through my city, all through my…”( I will spell out a silly word ) /C/A/T and the kids will yell out the word we will do it a few times until I finally spell the right word out /H/O/M/E

Sound Substitution-– DJ Suki’s listening party. Students will wear headphones like Dj Suki does and they will listen to sounds on the headphones along with a worksheet. They will have colorful groovy colored pencils. I will record myself on a tape or CD and ask the students to replace a letter to change the word on their worksheet. For example, there will be a picture of a sock with an empty box next to it and I will ask the student to change the S to an R and write down the new word I will take a long pause after each instruction and allow students time to pause. The sheet will consist of about eight words and students will be asked to pause as needed and keep listening until they complete their sheet.

Sound Segmentation- The glitter ball toss.I will create glittery foam balls that we will use to determine how many sounds are in a word. We will sit in a circle and each student will get a chance to hold the ball. They will toss the ball up in the air for each sound in a word I will say.

I found it challenging to come up with a specific theme. I know it was supposed to be towards a certain text or specific word family and I found it hard to create activities on one specific theme for each sound activity. I decided to use the Trolls theme to have some consistency and make the activities fun for the students. I found sound segmentation and sound isolation to be a bit hard to create activities for. I look forward to the feedback and reading other posts to gain more insight.

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