Planning Models Graphic Organizer Assignment Instructions


Instructional planning includes multiple components and takes time. When planning, it is important to think through the content you will teach, the sequencing of content, and the modes of presentation to ensure the content is adequately taught. These three items together form the foundation of a lesson plan. There are numerous models to help guide the lesson plan and provide a framework to assist in the creation of the lesson plan. The three models addressed in your textbook are Task Analysis Model, Concept Analysis Model, and the Advance Organizer Model. 


Using the concepts from the three models, consider your content area. This assignment will be completed in two parts. For Part One, you will create a blank electronic or digital graphic organizer worksheet. For Part Two, you will complete the worksheet you created for Part One. 

You will submit bot the blank worksheet template you created in Part One and the completed worksheet from Part Two for this assignment.

Part One: Create an electronic or digital graphic organizer worksheet. You are permitted to find one online and modify the graphic organizer to fit this assignment. This one worksheet should address the similarities and differences of a subject of your choice using the Task Analysis Model, Concept Analysis Model, and the Advance Organizer Model. This graphic organizer worksheet should be specific to your chosen subject, provide all instructions on the worksheet, and should guide students to comparing the similarities and differences. You may use and locate a graphic organizer from the internet, but you must customize the graphic organizer to this specific assignment. For assignment help, you will submit this worksheet as a template or a link to this worksheet as if you were passing this out to your students to complete in class.

Example: The United States has three branches of government. You could create a Venn diagram where each circle lists the distinctly different jobs of that specific branch of government. Where the circles overlap, you would list the similarities of the three branches. 

Part Two: Complete the electronic or digital graphic organizer worksheet you created. Make sure you address all the similarities and differences you would like to see from your students. This may mean you have quite a few things listed for similarities and differences for, even though your students only have to list three. 

See the Planning Models Graphic Organizer Example provided with this assignment. The example was created using the three models from the textbook. It can be used as a guide, but you are not required to use the Venn diagram. Any graphic organizer is acceptable.

For this assignment, you will submit both the blank worksheet you created and the completed version of the worksheet.

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