A. History of the nutrient: who, when, how it was discovered; the original findings or beliefs about the nutrient

B. Nomenclature: scientific name/s and the chemical structure(s)

C. Food Sources: What are the best foods to eat to consume an adequate amount? How many servings do you need to eat to get enough of this nutrient?

D. Metabolism: How is the nutrient used within the body’s systems, what happens to it during its metabolism? Discuss how it is converted, anabolized/catabolized.

E. Regulation: How is it regulated within the body? What determines when it is needed, stored, eliminated?


Discussion of 3 original research articles relevant to human health having to do with this nutrient. Must be current (within the last 3-5 years).

* Other relevant information: Are there any groups that have a special requirements or increased needs? Are there conditions or illness that increase or decrease needs? What is the efficacy of using supplements to obtain adequate amounts of this vitamin/mineral? Is it safe/better to get the vitamin/mineral through a supplement rather than food? Which individuals or groups might require a supplement?


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