Description of Short Paper One

This paper is to help you explore your own ethical ideology. There are two parts to this paper. First decide if you are mostly a consequentialist or a deontologicalist (not focused on consequences). Second, using either what you have learned in this class, or using other ethical theory resources, make an argument as to why you believe you are a consequentialist or a deontologicalist.  This should be 4 -5 pages, double-spaced.

Grading Rubric

A-level papers meet all of the following characteristics:1. Meet the length requirement (4-5 pages of text)2. Are correctly formatted (margins, double-spaced, 12 point type, black ink))3. Uses citations and bibliographies in accordance with the style manual specified as described in the Course Syllabus4. Contain fewer than 2 grammatical errors5. Demonstrates the ability to state a thesis, marshal evidence and arguments, and support a position against criticisms at a high level

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