phd Isaac Newton/WVC

Video Discussion – I need two replies 150 words each

Post your responses to the questions below, based on the video, “Into the Future: Communications”. Be sure to consider the expansion and growth of language and communication over the centuries and most importantly, technology over the past few decades and currently. 

  • How do you view near future technologies in regards to communication and society as a whole? 
  • Will the technologies of the future help to build a more sustainable future or further harm the human race, the environment, etc.? In what way?
  • Will it make us safer or or less secure? How so?
  • Do we control technology or does it control us? Explain.

Share what you envision the future of this world to be like with the rapidly advancing technologies in 10-20 years from now. See the Discussion Forum Rubric for details on Collaboration-Forums posts requirements.

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