Social Psychology 240
Clipping File: Social Psychology in the News
Social psychology involves the scientific study of how individuals think, feel, and behave in a social context. Research is the backbone of social psychology. As such, you will complete a multipart research project. This project is designed to involve you in the world of social psychology through means of observation, analysis, and contemplation.Throughout the quarter, you will create a clipping file that includes a collection of artifacts that illustrate concepts in social psychology. Along with a collection of artifacts from the popular media, you will demonstrate your understanding of each concept by including a written analysis for each item.Your clipping file will include:
Artifacts: These artifacts can come from any current media source, including newspapers, magazines, graphic novels, and/or comic strips. To be considered current, none can be older than January 2016. Attach digital copies of your artifact. Links must include snapshots (in case links become inactive).
Analysis: Using the format below, you will identify by name and briefly define the social psychology concept that is being demonstrated in your artifact. You will then clearly explain how your artifact accurately demonstrates the concept at hand, Additionally, you will make direct connections to relevant studies in your text, citing APA-style.
Scoring Rubric: Use the rubric found in the Canvas assignment to ensure you have met all of the requirements.
Word Count: minimum 400 – 500 maximum

Clipping File: Social Psychology in the News

Name of news source:

Title of article:

Name of concept:

Concise definition of concept in your own words with appropriate APA-citation(s):

Analysis: Clearly and concisely explain how the artifact demonstrates the concept at hand. Relate the artifact to relevant studies in your text. Additionally, cite your text, as appropriate.

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