Personal Training fitness test, mothods and workout program

Personal Training fitness test, mothods and workout program

Paper instructions:
Note: this project has the exact same concept as the first project. this project requires in depth answers with rationale for every question asked.

Chris Double: 14 year old male    resting heart rate: 70bpm  height: 5”10    weight:120lb.  body fat %: 11%

Chris is a high school student and is eager to gain some muscle mass. He eats a diet that consist primarily of processed foods (fast food, cafeteria, ect.) Chris

is anxious to get stronger so that he can go out for the wrestling team.

4) Discuss fitness test or methods of evaluations that should be used to assess the client, providing rationale for your recommendations. be sure to address the

specific conditions presented by your client.

5) Provide a detailed, comprehensive 12 week periodized training program, including specific sets, repetitions and exercises, utilizing on integrated approach.

strength training and aerobics NOTE– Any commentary regarding specific instructions or rationale for your recommendations can be included in question 4

6) Discuss nutritional strategies and supplement recommendations with a rationale for your choices.

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