Perdisco online practice set

Perdisco online practice set

Students are required to complete an online practice set that will count towards the overall assessment mark for this unit. By completing a one-month accounting cycle for a fictional business, you will gain experience in the practical and technical skills essential to accounting.

The practice set provides each student with a unique accounting scenario and therefore must be completed on an individual basis. The practice set is a large activity, taking up to 20 study hours to complete over a number of days or weeks. Please ensure that you leave yourself enough time to complete this activity before its submission deadline.


When you login to your practice set, you will see a Student Companion and Helpful Hints document on your practice set home page. This document gives you information that will help you to successfully complete the practice set.

In the interest of student access and equity, virtual ‘library copies’ of the practice set are provided through an Electronic Special Reserve (ESR) service on the Perdisco website. Like library books, ESR is limited by available hours and the number of simultaneous users. To access ESR, please create an account and add the practice set to it, then click ‘ESR login’. For more information, click ‘ESR info’ after registration. Tip for using ESR: avoid leaving your work to the last minute when demand for ESR copies of the practice set is likely to be high.

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