The completed research paper should be at least 15 pages in length, not including the references, and be typed using 12-point, double-spaced font. Our topic is Manager-stockholder conflicts and agency costs.


The structure of the body of the paper is up to you, but the paper should cover the following topics:

1. Abstract: An abstract should include a brief summary of the theories you discuss, the current status of the empirical literature on the subject, and the potential avenues for future research. The abstract should be limited to approximately one page, doublespaced.

2. Review of major theories: You should outline the major relevant theories in the literature regarding your topic. If you wish, you may devote subsections to each competing/complementary theory. For each theory, you should be sure to discuss the assumptions (if any), outline the theoretical model, and discuss the models implications. You may also discuss how to test each theory and what empirical evidence would be considered supporting or rejecting each theory. You should be sure to properly cite all theories and empirical research, as well as any direct quotes from other sources.

3. Summary of the major empirical findings: You should also outline the major empirical findings that test the theories you outline in the paper. Each theory will have its own empirical predictions, testing samples, and testing methodologies, and the same theory is often tested in many different ways. You should review the major empirical literature and discuss how each theory is tested empirically, report the findings of major research, and discuss the implications of the research for the current validity of the underlying theories. Again, you should be sure to cite all the relevant articles to which you reference.

4. Future Research Prospects: As a final analysis of your literature review, you should attempt to describe how researchers may add to the literature in the future through both theoretical and empirical developments. Based on your analysis of the current status of the theoretical and empirical literature, you should summarize what you think are the most relevant ways to expand current literature in order to gain further insight on an issue in finance. Even if the research avenue you suggest is not possible at this time, due to data availability, or any other reasons, you may still discuss how the issue may be tested and why it would add to the literature on the issue. If possible, discuss any empirical testing strategies you might employ and present and interpret the hypotheses that such a strategy would test.

5. Conclusion: In the conclusion, you should again briefly summarize the theories you identify and discuss in the paper, the status of the related empirical evidence on the topic, and what avenues you identify for future research on the topic. 6. References: You should include a references section at the end of the paper with complete references to the works of others to which you have referred in the paper. In the references section be sure to include all relevant information, such as the author’s name, year of publication, title of article, publishing journal, and journal volume and page number.

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