Outline and References Submission

Outline and References Submission

You are the current Director of Homeland Security for your state, and the new governor has asked you for a briefing paper on homeland security and how it applies to the state. The governor is a novice and has no prior knowledge of homeland security.

Since the governor knows nothing about the topic, you should briefly bring him/her up to speed on the history and concept of homeland security at both the national and state level. Remember that we are living in a dynamic threat environment.

Describe to the governor the dynamic threat environment in your state regarding all hazards. Identify in a generic manner the critical infrastructures of concern within your state. (You do not need to list individual locations.) Also, discuss hazards your state may face.

Explain to the governor how threat analysis, indication systems, and warnings work along with the use of intelligence in this process. Also, describe the types of resources that are available to the governor.

Next, discuss enabling legislation, policies, and requirements that will help guide the governor during all phases of emergency management. For instance, when and how will the governor know when to declare a state of emergency or a disaster? Likewise, how would the governor go about asking for federal assistance? Make sure you explain legal and functional responsibilities. Remember that under NIMS there are ESFs. The governor will need to know the potential threats, types of infrastructures susceptible to threats, legal and functional responsibilities, and what resources are available or needed.

Finally, explain to the governor the various components of the homeland security structure such as the NRF, NIMS, ICS, UC, etc. Consider constructing visuals (tables, graphs, or charts) to help illustrate how the system works. When you are done preparing this document, go back, reread it, and ask yourself if you have provided the governor with a document that will prepare him/her to successfully carry out his or her duties with respect to homeland security.

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