organizational behavior w2

The Breakfast Club

View a scene from The Breakfast Club. Open the video and enter the password orgbehavior to play it.

In chapters one through six several OB topics were examined. As you review the video, look for incidences that relate to OB concepts (attitude, perception, etc.) discussed in the first five chapters.

Identify two concepts, explain where you observed them in the video and to which chapter they apply. Provide either work or personal examples to support each of the observations.

Your postings will look similar to this. Please develop your ideas and concepts in each of the areas you observe.

OB Concept One

  1. Motivation: Judd, Molly and the rest of the students are not motivated to study.
  2. I observed the conversation between Molly and Judd and it was clear that they were not interested in completing their work because they did want to be there.
  3. Chapter five discusses the basic motivational process and the core phases of motivation. Almost the entire chapter is dedicated to motivation.
  4. I utilize the measuring achievement motivational process on almost a daily basis. Our sales team is goal driven. As you recall, I am the manager for Starbucks Coffee here in Colorado. The more we sell the more money we earn.

OB Concept Two

  1. (OB concept)
  2. (Where in the video you observed the behavior)
  3. (The chapter (1-5) that relates)
  4. (A personal example)
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