Organization and Management

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Organization and Management

Environment is defined to as anything that surrounds human beings. It varies according to where one lives and it affects our lives directly or indirectly, and so we are responsible for whatever happens in the environment. For example when industries emit gas pollutions in the air, the health of the people gets affected and it is the responsibility of the management in those industries to protect the lives of the people by reducing the air emitions.

Before any business is built or setup in an area, there are different aspects that the managers consider like the setting of that area. They have to know if the business they intend to start has a potential of growing. You just can’t start a business in an area where basic commodities such as water and food are rare to find since the possibility of that business growing is almost nil. Managers are also mindful of their target audience in this case the customers and so the accessibility of the business is very important. The infrastructure such as the road should be well organized for easy transportation of goods and services. When the infrastructure is good the possibilities of the area developing is also high which will in turn attract more customers in the area.

Although there exist different types of environments it’s the responsibility of the managers to do a thorough research and evaluation of the environment they think their businesses will grow. However, it all depends on the nature of the business and also the mission of the business. If the business will affect the people’s lives negatively then it should be setup away from residential to prevent any harmful diseases. A good example is those factories that manufacture chemicals which pollute the environment. Those factories should come up with measures whereby they protect both the internal and the external environment.

Change is good and it is equally bad, but then it is inevitable and so we should all be prepared for whatever results it brings in our environment. Sometimes the environment that we live in keeps changing and so we have no option but to change with it because sometimes we do not have control of it. A good example is global warming which has affected every aspect of our lives be it economically or even health wise.

The internal environment affects the external environment, and vice versa but then it all depends on the organization of that business in relation to how it is been managed. Therefore, it is appropriate for managers to keep up with the changes in the external environment if their businesses are to grow. On the flip side the management of a business internally also affects the external environment; for instance if the business is not doing good in terms of productivity the supply of the goods and services will be low. If the supply is low the economy is affected since productivity in other businesses that are depending on the rare commodity will also be affected negatively.

The external environment can contribute to the collapse of a business if not monitored appropriately and so managers should be very cautious of the external environment. However, in most cases managers do not have the power to control whatever that happens outside their businesses since some of these factors are beyond their control. They include political interferences, the economy or even competition.

Managers are therefore required to forecast some of issues by collecting and analyzing data so as to give their businesses a competitive edge in line with whatever is current in the external environment.


Managerial decisions are mostly influenced by studying the general environment in connection to the specific environment where the business conducts its business. If for instance the petroleum prices in the global market have increased, managers tend to adjust the prices of petrol in their local market to reflect the changes in the international market.

The internal environment mostly depends on what is happening in the external environment, if the mood is good it provides healthy competition between different businesses hence boosting economic growth. When there is unrest or chaos in a country, businesses are greatly affected since the flow of goods and services to the market is impossible because of security reasons.

Customer needs should also be met to enhance good relations between the business and potential customers. If the manager fails to read the customers minds in terms of what they want, the internal environment of the business is affected since it loses its customers to other businesses. To save and improve the business image, managers respond to various changes in the environment by re-organizing their businesses to adopt to those new environments.

A close extermination of some of the most successful businesses is how those businesses are managed and organized. When the organization is excellent it is easy for the managers to plan for the future since they are able to notice those loopholes in the business that may derail or hinder the success of the business. As much as managers focus on the external environment, motivation of the internal environment in this case the staff, is equally important. When one is appreciated he or she gains confidence and works harder to meet the goals of the business.

Communication is the key factor for any successful business and therefore it should be enhanced between the staff and the top management to improve cooperation in the business. If there is no communication between members of staff then coordination of work is difficult.

Communication to the external environment is also very crucial to the success of the business since the customers need to be aware of the new products in the market. The management therefore links with the media which advertises the company’s products and services to the consumers.

The management gathers all the necessary resources to achieve stated organizational goals. The manager directs, controls, guides and inspires all the members under him towards the realization of the company’s goals and ambition. All managers have targets that they set for growth of their businesses and when these targets are not achieved within the stipulated time the businesses can incur heavy losses that may lead to the collapse of the business.

However, a manager’s key responsibility is the management of resources in the business. Many are times we’ve had of businesses collapse because of misuse of resources or unequal distribution of available resources. Managers should ensure that available resources in the business are used accordingly in line with the interest of the business.


The success of any business is greatly influenced by the organization and the type of management that is in place. Managerial positions should be occupied by skilled personnel’s who are flexible to adapt to any type of environment.



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