Company Overview (size, product markets, global presence) of Nokia. That is section 1. Section 2, i need the corporation mission of Nokia.
So i basically need 2 sections.
1- Introduction: company overview
2- Corporate mission
These 2 sections need to be about the company Nokia. I will send you a document as an example, just use 2 pages of the document as an example. The rest of the pages are irrelevant.
For the sources, publications such as Businessweek, Fast Company, Fortune, Marketing News, New York Times should give you most of the information you need. So please try to use them. The websites of the company and its competitors are key resources, especially aspects such as corporate mission, product portfolio, etc. So for the corporate mission section cite from Nokia’s website. You can use 2 or 3 sources it is up to you. I put up 3 in case, so if you think it’s better to use 2 sources then just do so. And please try to write between 400 to 500 words, don’t write 550, please try not to exceed 500. Again, i will send you a document, use the first 2 pages for help. (Company overview AND Corporate mission)

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