New Zealand public companies

Paper instructions:
(a)    You will identify a New Zealand public company for investigation (company to be approved by the lecturer). Indicate why you selected this company. (5 Marks)
(b)    Explain the business of the company. Indicate whether it has an export market.  If so to which countries does it export to and which countries are the

largest markets. Discuss various aspects of sustainability and evaluate their importance to the future of the company. (20 Marks)
(c)    Describe the products/services of the company. Discuss the demographic market of the company. (10 Marks)
(d)    Discuss the position of the company in the market relative to competitors. (10 Marks)
(e)    Examine the impact of the economic environment over the last five years as it relates to the company and project its likely position over the next 18

months. (15 Marks)
(f)      Provide a detailed SWOT Analysis providing rationale for the points raised in the analysis. (25 Marks)
(g)    Compare various definitions of strategy. Select one definition, identify the source, and explain why you selected that particular definition. (15 Marks)
Length and workload input
Length: 2500 +/- 150 words. Length limit excludes bibliography, appendices, figures.
Assessment and grading
Your grade is assessed using the following criteria:
the persuasiveness of your arguments
the quality of your supporting research and evidence
use of formal, appropriate, academic English language
citation and referencing of relevant literature
professional presentation
creative design, media and layout

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