new welfare state in U.S

new welfare state in U.S
You have just been appointed by the President of the United States (from a party of your choice) to design a new welfare state. You may assume that the president has a large majority in Congress and there is no budget deficit or debt–just about anything is possible. You are starting from scratch and need not discuss the current welfare state (though you may do so). Your goal is not only to promote the merits of your proposal, but to briefly discuss alternative choices that the president could make.

Your proposal should have the following components:

1. A discussion of the main theme(s) of your welfare state. What outcomes will your welfare state attempt to achieve or avoid. See the readings and class discussions on “the welfare state”, “left and right-wing critiques” and “gender and race” (about 1 pages).

2. List the approximately ten main programs in your welfare state. Will your welfare state be large or small (as a percentage of GDP)? If you propose a large welfare state, discuss any negative outcomes of this. If you propose a small welfare state, discuss how people will otherwise take care of their needs. Explain your choices. How does this package of programs address your theme? (about 1 page).

3. Discuss 3 or 4 programs in depth. Discuss issues of eligibility, generosity and inequality for each program. Explain your choices. How do these programs address your theme? Discuss any tradeoffs between positive and negative outcomes (about 4 pages).

4. How will you fund your welfare state? What types of taxes will you use and how redistributive will they be? Will taxes be earmarked for certain programs? Will your tax system include tax expenditures (i.e. tax breaks) for social welfare aims? Explain your choices (about 2 pages).

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