New deal by Franklin Delano Roosevelt Custom Essay

New deal by Franklin Delano Roosevelt The deal was established and implemented by the 32nd president of the United States to address the various challenges which the country faced from the Great depression and the outlays contributed by second world war. The great depression contributed to hindrance of the American economy, which accrued poor living standards to the citizens. The depression affected the global market and financial institutions leading to inflation. The Second World War attributed destruction. It involved the destruction of property in the country and increased mortality rate affecting the American population and development. The challenges endorsed Americans to lose hope in governance and that the country was not worth to reside (Giordano, Gustavo, and Giovanni 700). Consequently, some citizens fled to neighboring nations to secure a better living environment. However, Franklin Delano being an economist and politician was involved in the situation and decided to uphold the national spirit to the citizens during his presidency.

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