N.B. Use Dementia as the problem for vulnerable population such elder people(geriatrics)

N.B. Use Dementia as the problem for vulnerable population such elder people(geriatrics)

  • Identify a problem in your practice or a guideline, protocol, or standard operating procedure for a healthcare problem facing at-risk and vulnerable populations such as diabetes, health disease, or another area of interest related to your current practice area (brief). We will be working on this for a later assignment. You may decide to change it but you might want to stick with one. (Final Assignment)
  • Consider the  QSEN COMPETENCIES

Answer the following questions:

1)   1) How might you as an advanced practice nurse and leaders integrate quality and safety competencies into your professional practice

(to implement a solution for a problem or put in place a guideline, protocol, program or standard operating procedure)

2)   2) Support this with QSEN Competencies

3)   3) Make sure you cite some of your information and if possible attach a supporting document.




B VulnerablePeople,Groups,And Populations:SocietalView Valuesaffecthowsocietyviewsthevulnerable—asvictimsorsinners— andthuswhetherornottoprovidepublicassistance.

by David Mechanic and Jennifer Tanner

  • Describe the background that makes them part of a vulnerable population, and how that contributes or could contribute to a barrier to care. It is important that you complete the readings to make this a good 2 -3 paragraphs. Cite readings to support your premise.

2) look at the article about restoring dignity. Describe at least one way you have or could change your practice for this patient (and perhaps their population group). Please cite at least one research finding that supports this.

See restoring dignity attached paper for second question


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