Motivational Leadership

Motivational Leadership
Paper instructions:
Group Project Students are required to complete a group project that examines a particular issue or situation of public administration. The project is designed to foster students’ critical thinking through in-depth analysis of a specific topic. It also helps students to practice and improve teamwork, management, and leadership skills that are of important value in most workplaces nowadays.
Students are required to choose a topic in the following subject areas: 1. Organization theory and behavior 2. Human resources management 3. Public budgeting and finance 4. Public management and leadership 5. Policy analysis and decision-making 6. Program evaluation 7. Intergovernmental relations 8. Public service ethics 9. Public administration and democracy
Students who choose the same subject area will be grouped together. Each group will then collectively decide a specific topic within the subject area and write a paper on it. The sign-up sheet is available in course website. Each project group should consist of
three to four members depending on class size. Project groups must be formed by Week 3 and the paper topic must be selected by Week 5.
Note that the above listed are general subject areas. Your topic must be narrowed to a specific, contemporary challenge in order to enable your group to write a strong, focused paper. The topic of your group project must be approved by the instructor in advance. No two groups can choose the same topic (as some topics may be cross-listed in different subject areas). Your project can deal with policy or administrative challenges at the local, state, national, or international level and tackle topics either in the U.S. or abroad. For example, if you choose public budgeting and finance area, you may choose a topic on public pension reforms, participatory budgeting, debt administration, etc. If you choose public management area, you may consider topics such privatization of government services, E-government and use of information technology, strategic management, etc.
The paper should be 20-25 pages (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point, one-inch margins) excluding cover page, table of content, and references. It should be ex
tensively sourced (with references drawn from both literature covered in the course and additional readings and research conducted outside of the course). Be sure to n
clude plenty of concrete data (first-hand and/or second-hand) and real-world examples to serve as evidence to support your points. Use tables, graphs, and charts to co
nvey relevant information to your reader in an easily digestible format.

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