Midterm exam.

Midterm exam.

This is an essay Midterm of  4 essay questions to answer.   Your essays will be evaluated based on clearly illustrated excellent grasp of concepts in question with sufficient detail and critical

thinking. Illustrated good grasp of concepts in questions with sufficient detail and critical thinking. Cited multiple sources/sections to substantiate answer to question

Essay Midterm Questions
1)     The subfields of anthropology seem quite diverse in their specific subjects and methods. Why, then, are they all considered parts of the single discipline of anthropology? What ties them


2)     The concept of descent with modification, or evolution, has a great deal of evidence in its support. Indicate the major types of evidence.

3)     In what ways is the human primate a typical primate? In what ways is the human primate unique?

4)     Explain why variation in skin color is of no use in defining human races.

In addition to requested sources here is the course reference below:
Park, M.A. (2014).  Introducing anthropology: An integrated approach, with PowerWeb, 6th Edition.  New York:  McGraw-Hill.  ISBN 0078035066

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