Mendel’s law of segregation

Mendel’s law of segregation

Biology (and other Life Sciences)

1. Explain Mendel’s law of segregation and its relationship to meiosis
2. Define codominant and multiple alleles and explain how they are related to A, B, O blood type inheritance.
3. How are gender stereotypes acquired?
4. Explain one prominent perspective on moral development. Name the position you choose, then proceed with your explanation.
5. Watch the Gender and Sexuality video. Complete the online Holland Code Test at: Report your work personality description and two matching vocations. Discuss if they are a gender stereotypical career roles. Evaluate and reply to three other students’ vocation discussion

6. Create and post your personal resume based on the basic guidelines described in Chapter 13. Visit for resume writing support. Examine the other posted resumes and offer a constructive suggestion for improvement to three of them (Peer Edit).

Your resume will be graded using the criteria listed in the Resume Rubric.
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