matlab for mechanics

(1)  Create the geometry and material properties (k & m) of the instrument, and develop a 2D, lump- mass model on software MATLAB. You don’t have to put sound holes to the instrument.

  • (2)  Analyze the natural frequencies and vibration mode shapes of the instruments.

  • (3)  Design how your instrument will be played by assigning the force-input location where the string

    vibration will be sent into the instrument. Calculate the vibration of your instrument in response

    to different string frequency.

  • (4)  Design a sound post; pick the location of the sound post and assign the elasticity (k) of the sound

    post. Evaluate the effects of the sound post on the frequency response of your string instrument.

    extra credit

    1. (1)  (6.25% ) Add anisotropicity to the elasticity of your materials and evaluate the effect of material anisotropicity on the instrument performance, such as frequency response. (Note: the wood chest of string instruments oRen have fibers going in certain direction, which seems to be crucial to the sound.)

    2. (2)  (6.25%) Put sound holes on your instrument and evaluate their effects on the performance. 

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