Meaningful Use

Meaningful Use
My Organization is called: Wellness Healthcare

1) Your report will be structured upon the organization you created for this class.
2) Your organization has implemented Stage 1 and Stage 2 Meaningful Use. You are in the ‘attestation phase’.
3) Write a five page report describing the processes you followed.
4) Address your report to shareholders, employees, your CEO (if you are not the CEO), administrative staff, or?
5) Be creative!
6) You may explain hurdles, achievements, selection of EHR vendor, one or several stages of compliance which you achieved, how you delivered this measure to your patients.
Points will be deducted for spelling, formatting or grammatical errors. Your report should have a professional appearance. Double space. Font size between 10 and 12.
Do not copy/paste or cite resources. This report must be written entirely in your own words. (You will need to use verbiage describing measures of Meaningful Use and these will be verbatim from materials provided via CMS)
Focus on between (no less than) 1 – (no more than) 5 Measures which you implemented successfully in your organization.
For example, you may describe ONE measure with details from commencement of the process to outcomes. Or, you may describe 5 measures which you implemented with details regarding the outcomes, challenges, or implementation of each.
Your report may differ from my suggestions, but must demonstrate comprehension of implementation of Meaningful Use.


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