Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix

Please add some extra research my marketing plan enclosed. The Plan should include both the “audit” (your view ofthe
company’s marketing activityluse of the marketing Mix) and marketing recommendations (including STP and use ofthe Marketing Mix) that
feel are appropriate in the future. You need to analyse the existing marketing activity and synthesise the elements ofthe marketing mix for
the future, be creative to propose a new marketing programme.

Please add some extra theoretical research to the parts mentioned below:


Executive Summary

2. Corporate objectives

4. SWOT analysis

5. Key Assumptions

7.Marketing programmes

9. Implementation

10. Control


successful completion ofthis assignment you will be able to:

1. Critically evaluate and analyse the principles of marketing

2. Summarise

and critically assess the key factors affecting business performance in international markets.

3. Analyse and synthesize the elements ofthe

marketing mix and the role of different elements in achieving marketing objectives.

4. Evaluate the response of an organization to global

external forces.

5. Critically evaluate the key elements of demand and supply; competition and profitability and be able to appraise the
notion of different market structures (perfect competition, oligopoly and monopoly etc.)

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