Marketing Article- personal response

Marketing Article- personal response

Make Customer Trends Pay Off

The first article talks about making the customer trends pay off. The article terms as significant that any business should be able to identify and respond to these trends. A common practice has been the trends being assesses with the population so as to be in a good position to manage the highs and lows when analyzing finances. Every business does have its sequence of events; there are certain steps to be followed.

The trending for the intended business ought to be done from years back or any information that one has. This should then be done going forward taking keen consideration for every day of the week. The paydays should be mapped with none recognized dates being 1st and 15th. Next one should notice the valleys and note if a demographic that one may acquire. The outcome acquired should be well documented alongside a plan. Through this one will have the necessary tools to manage business during the lows.

The article on making documents on the customer trends looks to acquire more profit during the lows of a business. This strategy would work and make the business to be able to cope during business lows. The business lays its strategy on alternate population for benefit (Blickenstaff). Varied businesses however vary in terms of the target population; some businesses have only a single target population. A good example is the alcohol manufacturing companies; these companies have their highs mostly during holidays and end months. Such companies do not have alternate customers; they hence may not be of help. This strategy may not be of help to some other companies.

The overall customer trend is not consistent with the days of the week in the coming years. A good example is a great 7th June in 2012, the next 7th June in 2013 will be different hence brings to being an aspect of non-reliance.

With a number of companies to come up, the second article looks at a number of things that should not be done. The first one is the selection of the wrong market; the article opts for the target of the target of greater markets that offer a wide range of opportunities. The wrong market selection is risky.

7 Deadly Sins of Start-ups

Business startups ought not to be done with the wrong people. The co-founders should supplement what the other one does not have. The attribute does come in handy in such a correlation. When starting a business the launch ought not to wait that long till joining the market, the business feedback would be needed for assessment (Lazerow). It is hence vital to launch early. The business companies that start ought to spend small portions of the money this is helpful in keeping the business to last longer. The people employed should be capable to be part of the business and doing away with the wrong people. While consequently following what your gut tells you.

The article presents something that is vital for new company starters, the dos and don’ts. The article has been able to not the common mistakes that most company starters do. Each and every point that has been given has its consequence if adhered to or not following it. Companies that start are not always easy to start though the guidelines presented would guide the way for new starters.

Success of the company, according to the article is based on the first steps that are taken while planning. The people that one is associated with, the belief that one has, the choice of market made, and operations taken and how much applied have all been identified as vital for a successful company.


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