MANIC post #5


Bible: The books of Job, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes (No specific version of the Bible is required.  Students may access these readings online at one of many free, web-based Bible readers or they may use their personal copy of the Bible).

Other:  Psalms and Wisdom Literature 

Purpose:  The purpose of the MANIC Posts is to encourage critical and reflective engagement with the learning concepts and resources for the course. 

Format:  For the assigned readings in each section, students will provide responses to the following prompts:

(M) Most Important:  What is the most important idea or argument in the assigned reading?

(A) Agree:  What did you agree with in the assigned reading?

(N) Not Agree:  What did you disagree with in the assigned reading?

(I) Interesting:  What did you find interesting in the assigned reading?

(C) Confusing:  What did you find confusing in the assigned reading?

For each prompt (M, A, N, I, C), students will prepare a 75-100 word response.  CANT BE LESS THAN 75 WORDS OR MORE THAN 100 FOR EACH LETTER

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