While writing the paper Managing People module many aspects seemed to shape my personal development in regard to career development as well as knowledge, and aptitude in the field of managing human resources. For instance, I have learnt that Goal-setting theory and Expectancy theory are key aspects of registering a high total quality management in an entity. Equally during the Task I have learnt that performance management refers to a continuous and flexible process of identifying, evaluating, managing, and developing the performance of the human resources in a given organization (Pulakos 2009, p.2). This ensures that better benchmarks are developed in a business industry.
As a prospective management employee in the vast labor market, I have also learnt during Task 1 that, in order to improve my career performance, it is imperative to know that performance management is closely linked to achieving short term and long term goals of an entity and growing the entity to ensure that they maintain and improve customer delivery services.
Other key area of learning include: developing a performance management cycle which entails improving on overall performance of management, moreover the performance cycle has become easy to use due to its four key phases: planning, coaching, reviewing, and rewarding.
The other key area of learning is the reward system- this system has enabled me to realize that it’s used to motivate and compliment positive achievement of employee hence developing one’s skills more often and improving service delivery.
This learning has enable me to improve on various skills in regard to performance management form a managers point of view, which is to ensure there is total quality management for every aspect of the entity. More so reward system are the final part of performance cycle and it is important for manager to ensure that he or she retains highly skilled employee, who in turn can be used to apprenticing new employees to becoming equally high performing employees for the entity.
All in all I will be able to manage human resource in a better manner in regarding to their performance and their skill development.

Pulakos, E. D. (2009). Performance Management a New Approach for Driving Business Results. Chichester, John Wiley & Sons.

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