Management ideas

2. Selling an idea to your boss
You have read a lot about the most successful companies and have picked up an idea you think would work well in your unit (operations) of the firm. Specifically, you think your department should go to an “open office” design whereby all the cubicles would be taken out and replaced with more modern collaborative workspaces. You have a host of good reasons why this would be a good idea for your unit, but your boss is a little old-fashioned and unlikely to go for this. While she has always claimed she has an open-door policy and is “constantly on the lookout for good ideas” your past attempts have been met with comments like, “we’ll have to look into that,” “mabey sometime in the future we could do something like that,” and “We don’t have the budget for that right now.”
If you really want to see this idea come to pass, how would you prepare to sell this to her? Where should you start? What would be some of the key factors to consider? Are there any tactics you should definitely avoid because they would be likely only hurt your chances of her approval?
You are about to upload the paper. If you are sure that the paper is propely written and there are no mistakes, proceed with uploading. In other case, proofread the paper once more and try again.

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