Learning Theory Presentation

 By now, you have learned about learning theories such as behaviorism, social cognitive theory, constructivism, and information processing theory. From the Ormrod text, you will select the learning theory that you most closely relate to, and create a presentation using the free program Adobe Spark to highlight the major features of this theory. You will then share this presentation on the Learning Theory Presentation DB forum. Your presentation must be 3–5 minutes and must address the following items:

·         Major components of the theory;

·         Examples of how lessons and activities can be differentiated to incorporate the theory;

·         How the theory impacts classroom management; and

·         Citation of Ormrod text and other scholarly resources (if applicable).

·         The theory’s key contributor(s), a description of the theory, and how the theory can be integrated into classroom activities are included.

Note: The title of your thread must include the name of your chosen theory.

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