Learning Reflection Journal

Learning Reflection Journal
Assessment 7: Learning Reflection Journal
Length: 1200 words
Submission: Written reflection submitted online via Turnitin
This task is designed to help students further explore key issues affecting ethics in business and their learning about of it. In addition, students will need to record activities and evidence in relation to graduate capabilities. You will utilise evidence, your responses to the week 1 in-class activity about EBL and the unit content, your group written report peer / self review from week 9 (compared to group presentations experience) and reflections throughout the semester to develop an extended learning reflection responding to set questions.
Students are encouraged to use their Webct personal journal for their own private purposes over the semester to reflect, blog, and to record evidence of skills development and other activities to support your own learning development.
Questions will cover how you utilised the Enquiry Based Learning method, improved graduate capabilities, developed an understanding of ethical theories and moral argument and your ability to apply them in a business setting.
Marking Criteria:
Correct format (complete, Harvard referencing, expression) 4
Relevant and insightful reflection 5
Critically apply ethical theories and moral reasoning 6
Further information will be attached

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