leadership style

This paper assesses the leadership style being used at an organization of choice. Select an organization in need of a change in leadership or an organization that demonstrates highly effective leadership. Assess the following components of the leadership of this organization:
Who is the leader and what skills does this leader demonstrate?
What is the leader lacking in the way of skills?
What are the key leadership traits of this leader?
Ethical traits?
What are the leadership behaviors and motivation theories adopted by this leader? Contingency or normative theories or models?
How does this leader influence and demonstrate power with regard to politics, networking and negotiation?
What is the leader’s style of communicating, coaching and use of conflict skills?
How is this leader ranked for leader-member exchange and followership?
How does this leader fare with regard to team leadership and self-managed team direction?
What are the strengths/weaknesses of this leader with regard to organizational skills in charismatic or transformational leadership?
How does this leader embrace culture and diversity?
What strengths/weaknesses does this leader demonstrate in strategic leadership and change management?
Crisis management and the fostering of a learning organization?

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