Leadership and Responsibility 3 Custom Essay

Leadership and Responsibility Introduction In this article the author Swatantra (2006) attempt s to elucidate the concepts that surrounds corruption in public and private institutions. The definition that the author offers in this article concerning the latter corruption is that this is referred to as the misappropriation of public power structured to benefit only individual interest. The author further exemplifies that when politician and bureaucrats flaunts the set rules or jurisdiction to favor their own merits then this is what is acclaimed to be misappropriation of the power invested to them to serve the public. this behavior which seek only to satisfy the private interest of the politician or bureaucrats is the one which the author calls corrupt behaviors, this is so considered that when it is encompassed by neglect and disregarding of the public interest. Corruption is mostly considered to be rampant in the circumstances which involve interaction of the state and the public. These include areas such as public procurement, regulatory agencies, privatization, taxation, judiciary, permit grants, police and foreign exchange. T

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