LAS 432 Week 7 Nanotechnology in Manufacturing Review Answer

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Each member of the team will assemble at least 5 scholarly, academic references that will be used towrite the paper (refer to Week 1s tutorial on Scholarly References). Each student will list his/herreferences using APA format, and provide a brief explanation of each resource indicating how thatresource will be used. The focus should be upon the students specific research assignment. Anapproximate length of this bibliography is between 2 – 3 pages.An example reference:Brenner, Joel (2011). America the Vulnerable: Inside the New Threat Matrix of Digital Espionage, Crime,and Warfare. New York: The Penguin PressIn my section of the report, I will be researching security issues associated with collaborative online tools.Brenners book explores the events surrounding the WikiLeaks scandal and the issues associated withsecurity. He also examines the legal challenges that the incident presented. This material could be usedby my team in another section of the report. He makes some recommendations that we will consider forour conclusion.General reference works such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, wikipedia, will not beconsidered as sources meeting this requirement. The list could include books, journal articles, industryreports, authoritative web sites, manufacturers sites or sites from research groups. Remember, allquotations, paraphrased material, images, graphics and statistics must be referenced in your report, somake note of all sources while compiling your research!Textbook Readings:It is expected that students will bring into their report concepts and ideas from their weekly assignedtextbook readings. Part of your grade is determined by your ability to synthesize these concepts with yourother research. Consequently, these authors must be properly cited and the articles included in your finalbibliography.Each student will submit his/her assignment to the dropbox by the due date, and provide a copy to theTeam Leader.

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