Lack of talent within the company

Lack of talent within the company

The situation is about a company, which has several issues that need to be analyze and my work is to define the problem, the criterias that are important for us in order to analyze the alternatives that we need to analyze as well and finally define the action plan that we would follow from now.
Structure of the Paper:

1-) Problem definition

2-) Criteria Selection (should be related to the alternatives propose in point 3)

3-) Alternatives development

4-) Analysis

5-) Decision

6-) Action Plan

Please find below some of my thoughts after my analysis so that you can see more or less the idea.
1-) What the company should do in order to be prepared for future economics downturns as well as for future growth?

2-) What to do now?

3-) Where they should focus?

4-) The product they produce is very cyclical?

5-) Structure Problem?

Criteria: Here we need to choose between 4-5, I have provided some after my analysis, but feel free to add more.

1-) Lack of talent within the company
2-) Future sustanibility
3-) Profits
4-) Risks: Market and structural
5-) R&D
6-) Rattunde happiness
7-) Financial situation (Cash / Money to invest if expansion)
8-) Rattunde sucession
9-) Response to economic downturns

Alternatives: Here we should came out with no more than 3-4 good ones. I have provided several options after my analysis.

1-) Consolidate Business: Through what? More online maintenance? New Machine? more in-house production?
2-) Stay the same, so do nothing
3-) Resttructuring
4-) Sell the company
5-) Build the whole company in USA
6-) Expand: in my own? in a Joint Venture?

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