LABORATORY ASSIGNMENT: Audiological / Hearing Laboratory Assignment

LABORATORY ASSIGNMENT: Audiological / Hearing Laboratory Assignment

Points: TBD

Due: TBA

Instructions: Sign up for your laboratory assignment (Times TBD).  If you do not attend your appointment you may not be able to re-schedule unless you can document a medical or other emergency. 

Audiology Assessment

  1. Describe the assessment procedures that were conducted (use the appropriate audiologic terms to name the assessments).
  1. Describe the basic procedure for audiometry by air conduction. Include in your answer the meaning of ‘threshold’ and how threshold is obtained.
  1. Describe, using appropriate terminology and units of measure, the organization of the audiogram and what all the parts of the audiogram mean. What does the audiogram indicate about hearing for any thresholds obtained during the lab? How would the audiogram look if you had a hearing impairment?
  1. What other types of tests might be done if a hearing impairment was detected on the audiogram? [Hint: use your textbook to support your answer! Use appropriate citations!]
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