Korean Literature

You need to write a research report of around 1,000 words. Your report should look at how the Gyeong-sang Dialect indexically become markers of Korean identity (which could be mainstream contemporary South Korean identity, or another Korean identity).

Your research report should show evidence of extensive reading of secondary sources. I expect at least ten works to be referenced, the clear majority of which should be academic works from reputable sources. I expect to see at least three citations of linguistics papers in the following areas: indexical/iconical use of language, language and identity.
Your research may include analysis of original primary sources (although this is not required). Primary sources would include: (1) media materials such as movies, dramas, songs, commercials, newspaper articles, etc., (2) blogs and other online comments, (3) interviews.

How should I structure my report?

The report should be written with a clear structure, than includes an introduction, body and conclusion.

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