IT Strategy Custom Essay

IT Strategy An ERP solution is an excellent move to be adopted by the organisation in order to achieve a competitive edge. ERP, in full Enterprise Resource Planning system is a kind of a computer system that integrates management information by managing inflow and outflow of data in the organisation (Joseph, 1994). It implements a wide range of application modules in order to support daily business activities such as accounting, finance, distribution, inventory management, sales, planning, manufacturing, marketing, project management, human resource and so forth (Joseph, 1994). The employment of such a system comes with a broad array of business advantages which may include: achieving the organisation’s financial goals due to productivity gains, managing and streamlining the large-scale company’s operational processes, replacing and updating existing ERP system which is not meeting user requirements and obtaining the benefits that accrue due to improved information management (Daniel, 2000). In this broad view, then it is of paramount importance for an organisation to implement a suitable ERP system in order to reduce costs and increase productivity for maximising profits to be realized (Inka, 2008).

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