The Israel The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” Please respond to the following

i-Palestinian Conflict” Please respond to the following




“The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”  Please respond to the following:


For thousands of years, up to the 20th century, the land of Palestine was a homeland for Christians, Jews, and Muslims. In the 20th century, the British got involved in the Middle East in several ways, culminating in the attempt to make Palestine a “Homeland” for European Jews to go to. Based on the e-Activity and Roskin Chapter 8 for this week:


  • Hypothesize on what reasons exist for feeling hopeful about the future of the conflict. If there is no reason to feel hopeful, explain why.
  • Speculate on the probable future of the dispute based on your readings in Roskin and your familiarity with current events.
  • Assess the lessons of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Discuss which lessons are the most relevant today. Explain why
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