Intro to Rel Dbase Mgts Syst

Intro to Rel Dbase Mgts Syst

Project description
Week 4 assignment: Intro to Rel Dbase Mgts Syst

Give two responses per question and mark them the question number and response (a) and response (b)!

“Normalization and Redundancy” Please respond to the following:
• Question 1)Suggest one (1) of the problems that normalization seeks to solve within a database. Describe one (1) example of your suggested problem, and explain the overall benefit that normalization would provide. (Note: Your example can be hypothetical.)
• Question 2)Identify the key determinants that could affect the degree of normalization of a database. Justify your response. Next, identify the aspects of the database design that can be denormalized. Explain the key ways in which the business rules support the degree of normalization and the elements that can be denormalized.

“Database Design and Implementation” Please respond to the following:
o Question 1)Based on the example of the business function / operation that you described within the Weeks 1-3 discussions, describe the queries that you would need to create in order to support the business function / operation in question.
o Question 2)Based on the database model described in the Week 2 and Week 3 discussions for your business function / operation, determine the major / minor issues that might arise when creating these queries.

“Database Life Cycle” Please respond to the following:
• Per the text, the Database Life Cycle includes the Database Initial Study, Database Design, Implementation and Loading, Testing and Evaluation, Operation, and Maintenance and Evolution phases. However, the actual implementation of each of the phases will likely change, based on the size of the related organization or other organizational factors.
o Question1)Select one (1) phase of the Database Life Cycle, and describe the manner in which the chosen phase would change based on the size of the organization.
o Question2)Using the same phase that you selected in Part 1 of this discussion, describe the manner in which the phase would change, based on the distribution of the organization and the associated distributed database design.

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