Industry analysis (Delta Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, South west Airlines and continental Airlines)

Industry Analysis (It’s for the airline industry as a whole, how the industry affects all of them)
Five Forces in Industry Intro (1 page)
1. Threat of New Entrants (1/2 page Each)
a. Economies of Scale
b. Product Differentiation
c. Capital Requirements for Entry
d. Switching Costs
e. Distribution Channel Access
f. Government Policy
2. Bargaining Power of Suppliers (1-2 pages)
3. Bargaining Power of Buyers (1-2 Pages)
4. Threat of Substitutes (1-2 Pages)
5. Rivalry Among Existing Firms (1-2 Pages)
B. Section Summary (1-3 pages) – What is most critical at present and for the foreseeable

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