Individual Programmatic Assessment: Professional Skills Paper.

Choose one of the human services populations from the list below and conduct research using peer-reviewed journal articles from the University Library. Suggested

databases include the ProQuest® social sciences or the PsycINFO® databases on the chosen population.

Client Populations

•Mental illness( Chossen)

Include human services as part of your search. The more specific criteria you choose, the more relevant your paper will be.

Write a 1925-word paper that addresses the following:
•Address the interpersonal skills needed to work with this population.
•Address personal and professional qualities that help human services professionals successfully work with this population.
•Does this population require differential treatment? Why or why not? Is there anything that warrants a change in the human services worker’s style, behaviors, or

•Include strategies to use and actions to take to improve your professional skills in this area.
•Address ppotential challenges and how you would meet and overcome them.
•Reference at least three peer-reviewed journal articles that support your statements and ideas.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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