IFSM 438 Final individual deliverable

Questions to ponder and discuss:

(a) Risks are identified as positive and negative.  We tend to focus on negative risks so we can AVOID them or minimize the impact if the risks happen. Think of positive risks and possible opportunities.  Consider the discussion in our textbook. What are at least two positive risks that could/should be addressed in IT projects?  How likely is it that the risks would happen? And how should we handle those risks? Would there be affects on cost, schedule or scope?     

(b) Why is it necessary to identify and assess risks for ALL tasks at ALL levels of the WBS?  Think about this and try to find answers that are different from our classmates. 

(c) What’s the worst that can happen to a project if the risks have not been identified and managed? Again, think about this… your answer should reflect creative and individual thinking… so answers that are different from those of our classmates will be more interesting.

(d) For our Dental Clinic, what might be one risk associated with being part of the highly regulated health care environment?   And how would you minimize that risk?

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