Hum Questions 3

Answer Each Question With 100 Words or More

No Copy And Paste

Cite All Sources

What factors led to the American and French Revolution?  How were these events similar?  How were they different?

What were the differences between the French and American revolutions.  Do we still see the results of these differences today?

What was significant  about the philosophy and thought of the Enlightenment in contrast to other epochs?

Discuss the significance of Darwin and Darwinian theory on modern scientific thought?

What was the short-term and long-term significance of the social and economic revolutions taking place during the Baroque? Enlightenment?

How can art be used as an instrument of social change?

Can you think of any music that roused social and political change in history?

How was Romanticism a product of the Industrial Revolution?  Was the movement in any way an attempt to deny the sweeping and often questionable changes brought about by industrialization?  Why or why not?

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