HUM 150 Week 3 DQ 3

This paperwork of HUM 150 Week 3 Discussion Question 3 includes:

DQ 3 covers settings. DQ 1 covers mechanics and DQ 2 covers characters and plotting. So it’s only natural that to tell your story, you need to provide the fundamental elements of setting (including but not limited to location, time, era, weather, and buildings). Sometimes setting is essential to a story, such as in The Perfect Storm, in which the setting is so integral that it could be considered a character unto itself. And there other instances when setting is not so essential. Once you’d determined the influence setting will have on your story and characters, you can turn to figuring where and why you’d place doors, windows, tables, stolen jewels, corpses, and other props. How would you employ the setting, props, etc. to reveal character information, tone, and mood? Keep in mind the drama dictum that

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