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1-) Can you think of other ways P& G could use collaboration to foster innovation. 1& ½ page Please.

2-) this article has some interesting thoughts on generational differences. How would you assess these views? ?

3- ) 97 Percent Of Workers View Underperformers As Harmful To Company Success

Ninety-seven percent of workers report that underperforming colleagues are hurting organizational performance, according to a survey by career transition and talent development consulting firm Lee Hecht Harrison.
In December 2012, Lee Hecht Harrison surveyed 234 workers throughout the U.S. via an online poll asking, "Are underperforming colleagues hurting the performance of the organization?" The results were as follows:
Very much 63%
Moderately 25%
Slightly 9%
Not at all 3%
Peter Alcide, President and COO for Lee Hecht Harrison, stated, "Workers clearly see the link between individual performance and organizational performance. Ninety-seven percent of respondents feel underperformance is, to varying degrees, hurting their organizations’ ability to meet business goals." Alcide noted the reasons for underperformance can be quite varied. "There are a host of controllable factors that can negatively impact employees’ performance, including lack of proper training, poorly communicated expectations, unrealistically heavy workloads or failure to align priorities."
According to Alcide, "Underperforming employees are a drain, leaving high performers demoralized, disengaged, stressed and angry. And they can most certainly derail an organization’s ability to meet business goals." Alcide emphasized that it is imperative for leaders to set objective benchmarks to measure performance and then take the necessary steps to ensure teams are aligned and focused on the same goals. Alcide added, "Expectations must be communicated clearly. And don’t neglect to give employees the training and resources needed to do the job."
Do you think this view represents that of most employees in your work environment?

4-) what issues in our diverse workforce make managing employees a challenge?

5-) We all quickly jump to talk about gender, racial, and color diversity, but even in this small class we represent a few different generational cohorts. In the workforce today, there are four different generations called by various names including: the veterans, baby boomers, Generation X, and the Millenials. What HR policies and practices do you think these differences might impact?

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